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Do you drive your pet this way?

Most people love to follow their pet on their morning and evening walk. This type of people seems like subservient to their pets. Such attitude of person mostly follow command of their mind. As our mind too act like our pet. With such attitude, most people loss mental cool, fall to short temper, and become victim of anger, ego, blood pressure, diabetic, mental illness, and many such unhealthy life. 


You train your pet this way?

Those people love to train their pet to follow them without any enclosure. They leave their pet free and train to follow them. Attitude of such person mostly have well command over their own mind. With such type of people maintain mental cool, never fall to short temper, and become free from anger, ego, blood pressure, diabetic, mental illness, and many such unhealthy health problems. 


Space ship takes off to other planet once each electronic parts from every nuke and corner of the fuselage has been perfectly connected with the cockpit, controlled by the guild of space scientist Once a single connection faulted the rocket denied to budge or back to nose dive even after takes off by chance. Similarly, our brain coiled with a maze of 80 billion neuron within our brain and 120 trillion cells spreading across our body to take us off to the other planet once each of them functions flawlessly. So far, only 0.1% human being, like Goutam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad and so on could able to achieve such divine potential, designated as incarnation of God. Only soulful follower of creator’s invincible karmic principles able to reach such divine path to uplift life potential. 


Do we know where God exist and what is our relationship with Him? 

Before find answer to above queries, we should know ourselves :

  • Who we are?
  • Where we come from?
  • What is the purpose of our life? And
  • Where we are heading towards?


To get answer to all above queries, we need to know- read between the lines, means power to percept the hidden meaning of the sentences we are reading with our divine spectacle. 

  • Who we are?: We each individual soul are packed under sacred gift of our mother’s flesh, blood and bone. This unique process has been carried by God/ Almighty/ Creator of this universe, in whichever name we know Him. (He is operating this universe with His master computer- the birth, growth, reproduction and demise from this mortal earth of 8.4 million types of species has been immaculately managed Him).
  • Where we come from?: Human being is considered as very special and nearest to the creator. This is why human being own a special mental power to live a very high dignified life. Unlike all other type of species, our parents gave us a name tag by which we recognize by our society. Our food, cloth, and education being taken utmost care by our parents. This sacred fact of life is open secret, but most of us never cared to abide by the pious invincible gift along with our birth on this mortal world.
  • What is the purpose of our life?: With starting of education, initially from parents, from society and, from schools and colleges, we attire with our social responsibilities in respecting our parents as 2nd to the God; all our blood relatives are tied by heavenly invincible strings which have to respect till our exit from this mundane earth. Apart from this, we too have great responsibility towards the society, we are living in. Main objective of our life should be to leave a long lasting shadow, only way to get multiply heavenly wealth on your divine bank balance to spend on next life. 
  • Where we are heading on?: After getting education, we get into our own business, or join service according to our own ability of education and mental aptitude. After securing our income source, we get merry and enter into reproductive life. We start bring up our kids, the way we brought up by our parents. At the end of the day, we reach at our Autumn days and fall sick, finally catch bed like our parents and fore fathers till our last journey, our soul leaves our body, finally. On the day of birth we were crying when our loved ones were smiling, on the other hand , on our day of exit, our body remain dormant, soul less, and our loved ones crying incessantly over our demise. 

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